Gifts of the Garden

Brown Street offers a unique share garden in downtown Lafayette. Having begun in 2014, we now have over 30 beds dedicated to providing an abundance of organic produce. By freely sharing the fruits and vegetables, we aim to help relieve the personal ill-health effects of our downtown food desert. You are invited to help be a part of the solution. Join us in the planning and maintenance of the gardens, or just feel free to help yourself to its “fresh-from-the-vine” produce.

Gathering Around the Garden

Brown Street UMC Community Garden Event – Kids and families welcome!

Many opportunities for education and community connection have grown from our garden. The garden, along with our heart for community, and unique facilities have given rise to community shared cooking events, shared gardening times, and our children’s Dig It! Gardening Camps.

God in the Garden

Our sojourn with the garden offers language and metaphor for many of our scriptural themes. A visit with the gardens invites reflection on our place in the world relative to God and creation.


Upcoming Events